Language IS Politics: “Shitholes” Version

Amazing how, one moment, ‘Shithole” was the 8th Dirty Word You Can’t Say on TV (the seven others – as per Comedy Uber-God George Carlin:  “Shit piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker & tits”), and the next — you can’t get AWAY from the damned word.  Every ‘Breaking News’ chiron is “Shithole Countries”.  Most News People seem thrilled to pieces that first time they get to say “SHITHOLE” live on TV — without ANY fear of retribution of ANY kind.

I was listening to Andrea Mitchell yesterday while driving around Los  Angeles (I listen to a lot of MSNBC via satellite radio) and I nearly DROVE OFF THE ROAD after I heard ANDREA MITCHELL utter the word “SHITHOLE” on the air.  It was THAT FUCKING FUNNY.

CNN last night was even more hilarious.  Now that “SHITHOLE” is out of the, well, ‘shithole’ — and now that it is recognized as legitimate NEWS — and therefore NEEDS to be spoken out loud — ‘Shithole” is getting almost the same amount of regular air time as the name ‘Donald Trump’.  Fittingly so.

The effect of HEARING and SEEING this word that the ‘president’ spoke has not undermined US, it has undermined Donald Trump — because it REVEALED A CORE TRUTH:  The man is racist in every vile atom of his vile being.

And every time we HEAR or SEE the word ‘SHITHEAD’ we — as a culture, as an ELECTORATE — get reminded of that fact — ADVERTISING-LIKE.  Because that’s what that word — WHAT LANGUAGE IN GENERAL DOES:  It informs us with all sorts of unspoken information — some intended by the advertiser, lots not intended at all to be ‘conveyed’.  And yet there it is…

In this case — Donald Trump ADVERTISED via that word choice — his and his alone — the TRUTH about WHO and WHAT he is and always has been.

“Sh****le” is babytalk.  “SHITHOLE” is stone, cold reality.  And we need to give up the baby talk right here, right (fucking) now because we do not live in a baby talk world.  Believe me — Vladimir Putin doesn’t speak ‘Baby Talk’ to anyone — unless he’s about to bust a cap in their head.

That’s why “SHITHOLE” has suddenly seized our imagination such that we collectively ALLOW it to be ‘said aloud’ where normally it could NEVER be spoken or seen.  The power of that word — because of what it REALLY means — is ESSENTIAL to us, as a (supposedly) mature Democratic society in making INFORMED decisions.

NOW, we can honestly say we are being INFORMED.

Imagine, if you will, if RIGHT AFTER THIS CLIP hit the airwaves back in June, our illustrious MSM had had the COURAGE to use DONALD TRUMP’S OWN WORDS ‘Grab em by the PUSSY’ instead of the myriad BABY WORDS and softened references — with copious apologies for possibly offending such tender sensibilities that they shiver at words but not the death of their Democracy; I’m sorry but — fuck those people.  Fuck em…

Language is power.  That’s why those words scare some of us — why some people are absolutely cowered by words.  But they don’t have to be afraid of words.  They shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Part of how we break that hold is by SPEAKING those words aloud — when appropriate.

Now comes to mind.

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