Why The FUCK Are Americans So ‘Icky’ About Words?

Dear American News Media —


There.  I ‘said’ it.  Why the fuck can’t you.  Your JOB, as I understand it, is to REPORT the news.  To tell The American People THE TRUTH.  Every Last Bit Of It.

And yet, the American News Media CONSISTENTLY does the opposite.  They EDIT The Truth — very clearly — because — I guess? — THEY think WE are too easily wounded by words they and Donald Trump and every politician in the country just about and just about every high school senior and THEY THEMSELVES — the audience — use ALL THE FUCKING TIME.  So we get P***y-Grabber or Sh**hole Country.

Or we get news anchors and talking heads to whom those words are suddenly mines in a field they can’t imagine how to get across without ‘blowing themselves up’.

The old reason for ‘holding back’ on ‘rough language’ on ‘network television’ was sensitivity to certain audiences.  And so the dumbing down begins — because that’s exactly what it is — an EMOTIONAL dumbing down that favors empowering feelings over facts (and that never ends well).  What starts as ‘sensitivity’ toward language (and if hearing Donald Trump SPEAK the words ‘Grab em by the pussies’ is a SLAP IN THE FACE to certain people — well, yeah — it is.  And a GRAB OF THE PUSSY TOO — and that’s the problem.  It’s much more a GRAB of their PUSSIES than a slap to their delicate faces.

What starts with ‘making words more palatable’ to the hyper-sensitive becomes the normalization of whole terrible behaviors — because no one could adequately call them out.  Yes, yes — words can wound.  But I bet I could lay into you with a stream of lovely-sounding verbiage that sliced you to pieces.

The American People do not need you to EDIT LANGUAGE for us.  We don’t need you to SOFTEN a story about one of the WORST THINGS to ever happen to our country.  Fer fuck’s sake — LOOK AT WHAT HE’S DOING TO OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD!

You don’t find THAT offensive?  Never mind words, you fools — they’re just words. What matters is what ya do with em…

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