Meet “REPUBLICAN-JESUS” – The NEW Face of American Mega-Christianity

Yeah, yeah — all you Europeans think THIS GUY is ‘Jesus’ —


While people with a bit more knowledge of what an illiterate, itinerant Semite of the period might ACTUALLY have looked like think he’d have look more like this

Actual Jesus

Regardless — Through all the ‘translations’ from one language to another, one culture to another — a ‘strangely American’ version of Jesus emerged into 20th Century TVLand — ‘RICH-GUY-SUCKERING-THE-SHEEPLE-JESUS’ —


This Jesus seemed not just less concerned with the poor — he pretty much despised them — cos they’re fucking poor and who wants POOR-PERSON COOTIES?  PROSPERITY GOSPEL JESUS — “REPUBLICAN-JESUS” seemed surprisingly comfortable with a green eyeshade on, an accounting app at his finger tips and a balance sheet under his gaze —


Yeah, yeah — it might SAY the rich have as much chance as getting to heaven as a camel does passing through the eye of a needle but REPUBLICAN-JESUS says — SPEND BILLIONS BUILDING A BIGGER NEEDLE — so you can HOIST a camel through it.  Problem solved — CORRUPTION IN PLACE FOREVER…


It’s just a matter of time, amiright, GOP?

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