Mitch’s McConnell’s ‘Republican Employment Agency’ Job Board…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks to reporters about allegations made against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore on Capitol Hill in Washington
Senate Majority Leader Mitch ‘Time  For A New Line Of Work’ McConnell contemplating one of SEVERAL new, exciting employment opportunities…

Hey, hey, Republicans!  I heard what your Dear Leader Mitch McConnell said yesterday about how, if you can’t sell this fabulous ‘tax fraud scheme’ of yours – ‘…you should get into another line of work”.

Well, it’s pretty clear that, come 2018, you WILL need to get into another line of work since politics (in most of this country anyway) is going to be off-limits — in part because of the fraud you just perpetrated on the country and in part because, well, YOU’RE ALL TRAITORS.

So — that ‘other line of work’ Mitch alluded to — it’s going to be a reality.  And, with that in mind, I thought I’d suggest a few jobs that republican party members are probably qualified for.

You’re welcome.

JOB #1

Elephants shit (and you know all about elephant shit) – you deserve to get caught holding the bag…


JOB #2

You’re a republican – you’re used to having your head up your own ass.  Exploring other creatures’ asses just seems so ‘you’…


JOB #3

Compared to happily sniffing your own finger and farts?  This should be easy…

maxresdefault (2)

JOB #4

Standing there while people throw sharp things at you?  Might be the perfect fit…



JOB #5

At the end of the day, republicans, you’ll probably ‘come home’ to this.  I guess you can take the republican out of the sewer, but just ‘try’ taking the SEWER out of the REPUBLICAN…


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