Magical Thinking: What Bullshit Is Made Of…

I draw the line here — What do you TAKE from your faith, theists? Do you take ‘Life Lessons’?  Good.  I’m all for it.  We can ALL do with positive, constructive LIFE LESSONS.

“Do Unto Others”.  I’m down with it.

Do you take HISTORY LESSONS from your faith?  Do you insist that — because some texts written by knowledge-deprived desert dwellers 2500 years ago say so — that the earth is only a few minutes old?

Do you gravitate toward stories that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (Noah’s Ark) despite the fact that they fight with logic on every conceivable level?

Do you, down deep, secretly HOPE that a man-god was really born from a virgin?

Cause, if you do?  I have a problem with you.  Not with your belief — you can believe whatever you like.  No, I have a problem with everything you do BASED on that belief.  If a belief in PURE MAGIC is the basis for everything you do in this world — I have to take a look at that — and seriously consider whether ANYTHING you say or think or do is based on reality.  Cos you believe utter nonsense — and think it’s true.

Why… that’d be as goofy as ME  saying ‘I think the Harry Potter Books have ‘religious significance’.  In fact — I see the Harry Potter Books as the basis for a whole religion!  I see Harry’s journey — and his defeat of Voldemort — as the ultimate Good vs Evil story.

I see Harry Potter as my high priest.

You’d laugh at me — especially the relgionistas.  But you’d be a hypocrite.

Believers in Yahweh believe in only one god.  They DON’T believe in any of the thousands of OTHER gods that human minds have created.  So — if YOU believe in one of THOSE gods — believers in Yahweh (Christians, Jews, Muslims) are A-THEISTS — they don’t believe in YOUR god.

Listening to all the intensely religious republicans ramble through all their intensely ridiculous reasons for doing things — the word BULLSHIT comes to mind. But we KNOW where their bullshit comes from — Magical Thinking…

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