Trump-Russia Is Coming To A Head… Ya Can Feel It.

Tick tick BOOM

You can feel it, can’t you?  This whole rotten psycho drama is cruising toward a climax — toward the confrontation between Right and Wrong that we’ve been aching for since the moment Donald Trump ‘won’ this election.  A Showdown at Christmas.  How perfect.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can no longer look out at the world and see republicans — or anyone being a republican who isn’t constantly apologizing for that fact — as anything less than CRIMINALS.  That ain’t hyperbole.  A foreign power — a hostile one at that — used espionage, propaganda and guile to DIRECTLY INTERFERE WITH THE RUNNING AND OUTCOME OF AN AMERICAN ELECTION.

Bad enough if it were only that.  What makes it a tragedy of epic proportions — what made the whole fucking thing possible, really — was the full on ACQUIESCENCE of one of America’s two political parties.  And we don’t KNOW yet just HOW extensive the damage has been and will be going forward.  Clearly the republican party had SOMETHING to do with this travesty — WHY ELSE would they be working soooo hard to STOP what the investigation has surely learned already:  The responsibility runs deep — well beyond Donald Trump and his Crime Family, beyond Trump’s circle of toadies and henchmen, to the very REPUBLICAN PARTY ITSELF — to its hierarchy who KNOWINGLY made a deal with… Even the Devil’s heart isn’t THIS black.  Who the fuck knows what sort of soul-sucking creature the republican party sold its (already deeply pock-marked) soul out to?

Things, I think, will happen quickly from here.  They have to.  The noose is tightening around the White House.  Literally.

Here’s what I think got us here…

1  RUSSIA HAD BEEN ‘RECRUITING’ TRUMP FOR YEARS.  This was a soft recruitment of a target the espionage pro Putin could have done in his sleep.  TRUMP IS AN EMPTY VESSEL philosophically.  It’s all about MONEY.  And, when Trump needed money – his casinos, various properties (Florida), it was RUSSIANS who showed up with it —  BECAUSE THE BANKS WOULDN’T LEND TO DONALD ANY MORE…

2. The RUSSIANS WORKED TRUMP THROUGH THE PRIMARIES but expect Trump to win.  The moment he nailed down the REPUBLICAN NOMINATION though?  Putin went all in.

3. The RUSSIANS AND TRUMP-CO made a QUID PRO QUO DEAL — DIRT ON HRC for SANCTION REMOVAL UPON WINNING THE ELECTION.  Remember – those sanctions were (and still are) preventing Russia from partnering with EXXON-MOBIL to drill a piece of real estate the size of Wyoming inside Russia.  The projected value of the petroleum to be pumped out?  North of A TRILLION DOLLARS — and, as Russia is corrupt, the BULK of that money was going to Vladimir Putin — WHO INVESTED in Donald Trump because he believed TRUMP WOULD REMOVE THE SANCTIONS.

4.   At the same time THIS was happening, Russia amped up OTHER recruiting and espionage ops (including helping to finance republican political campaigns) — focused on OTHER ELEMENTS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.  Literally MILLIONS OF DOLLARS flowed from Russia into republican campaign coffers.  AND THE REPUBLICAN HIERARCHY KNEW IT.

5. The Republican Hierarchy is owned lock, stock & barrel by the Koch Bros and the Mercers (David & Rebecca).  Having already used their money to PRESSURE MITCH MCCONNELL into killing off the Merrick Garland nomination (which would have REVERSED Citizen’s United) in favor of Neil Gorsuch — who wouldn’t dream of it), McConnell himself ALSO RECEIVED SIGNIFICANT RUSSIAN MONIES into HIS campaign coffers.


7. The WHOLE REPUBLICAN HIERARCHY — and pretty much the rest of the party — HAS KNOWN THIS TO BE SO AND DONE NOTHING TO STOP IT.   That’s a crime.  A serious one.

8. Our insight into all this — the work of CHRISTOPHER STEELE — is a serious, professional collection of raw intelligence data by a man understood to be a CONSUMMATE ESPIONAGE PROFESSIONAL with top of the line contacts and sources inside Russia — having worked that territory much of his career.  At first the work (that became the Steele Dossier) was paid for by republicans — as Oppo Research against Trump.  Then Democrats picked up the tab… then Steele himself… then the FBI.  Steele’s work has ALWAYS been respected and taken seriously by anyone who knew anything.  The media are all morons and clueless on matters of intelligence (with a few notable exceptions of course).  Steele nailed it:  RUSSIA WAS WORKING WITH TRUMP TO STEAL THE ELECTION.

9. Even the Trump campaign had no idea HOW far the Russians had taken their efforts.  10 days before the campaign, PAUL MANAFORT (now indicted) ‘returned to the campaign’ — it WAS REPORTED) and told them (at the time!) to focus their efforts on MICHIGAN, PENNSYLVANIA & WISCONSIN… Strangely, those three states swung the election to Trump.  No one (in an official capacity) has EVER done any forensics on those voting machines.


11. COMEY WAS CORNERED by JASON CHAFFETZ — and he released the ‘Comey Letter’ 10 days before the election with NO INTENTION of swaying it.  Comey KNEW at the time how deep the Russia-Trump problem was; he had put a high wall around the unit he put together to INVESTIGATE TRUMP-RUSSIA — because Comey KNEW how treacherous the situation, how craven the players.  The fact that this unit was operating — against Trump — riled some Trump-loving members of the NYC FBI office (among others).  It riled them because NO INFORMATION WAS GETTING OUT.  And that scared them…

12. When Comey was fired, MUELLER TOOK OVER AND EXPANDED what Comey had set up.  Mueller also saw the PERIL the REPUBLIC WAS IN.  He too made the Investigation/PROSECUTION a black hole of information.  Nothing got out.

13.  MUELLER HAS PLAYED THIS WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE FROM THE GET-GO.  He has operated with the best legal minds at his disposal.  These people know not only the rules but all the ways that shits like Donald Trump and the republican party try to CIRCUMVENT those rules.  And — being prosecutors of master criminals and organized crime figures — Mueller’s team knows how to play with the Biggest of the Big Boys.

14. MEANWHILE — Stage AGs LIKE SCHNEIDERMAN IN NEW YORK are prosecuting Trump et al for MONEY LAUNDERING.  Those are State crimes — no Federal pardon can touch.  And these crimes are RICO crimes — ORGANIZED CRIME — which means CONVICTION COMES WITH ASSET SEIZURE AND FORFEITURE.  Translation?  Donald Trump COULD lose virtually every building he owns.  ‘Ouch’.

15. The Republicans in Congress have been OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE ALL ALONG.  They’ve known what the game is and — perhaps believing that some sort of ‘redemption’ would ‘magically’ appear — have gone along with it — KNOWINGLY COMMITTING TREASON and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT TREASON every minute of every day.

So — with all that in mind — here’s how the next few days play out…


His hope is that the ‘Christmas Break’ will give the cover for ‘normalcy’ to creep in and narcotize the American People.  Good luck with that, fuckface.  If, Trump does manage to pull that off?  The American People will shut this country down.  Promise.

But I don’t think it will get to that — or to that quite so directly if it does get there.  Considering how virtually every one of Mueller’s moves has SHOCKED Trumpco — and the republican party — he’s light years ahead of everyone else.  I believe it’s because MUELLER HAS HAD TONS OF INSIDE DOPE FROM THE BEGINNING.

I suspect he had phone calls and emails and TAX RETURNS… And I suspect Mueller started flipping people way earlier than we think even now.  A lot of the low level plebs had EVERYTHING to lose by refusing.  And it’s not as if the Trump’s were hard to follow.  They didn’t leave a trail of bread crumbs, they left a trail of whole fucking BAKERIES.

I would even be willing to bet Mueller’s team receives minute-to-minute intel about everything being planned by LOADS of rats aching to get out from under TONS of LEGAL JEOPARDY.  I bet Robert Mueller has heard EVERY LAST REPUBLICAN who’s attempted to undermine the integrity of his investigation — and he has asked himself WHY THEY ARE DOING THAT?  And he has added THAT to the GROWING PILE OF CO-CONSPIRATORS to COMMIT TREASON.

Because that is what we’re talking about now.  To look at what Donald Trump has done to us — to our standing in the world — and believe it is anything other than TREASON?  We could — easily, I think, AGREE that what Russia did was an ACT OF WAR.  Of CYBER WAR.

Just because the VICTIM of a surprise attack doesn’t KNOW they’re about to be surprise attacked doesn’t mean an ACTUAL STATE OF WAR doesn’t exist.  It DOES exist — it’s just that ONE of the TWO COMBATANTS doesn’t ‘know’ they’re at war yet… though, if they’re smart — THEY WILL.

And IF WE SEE WHAT RUSSIA DID as AN ACT OF WAR then the bar for TREASON has already been met and cleared by several Mount Everest’s.

Wanna know why the republicans are going to fight this harder than anything in their whole lives?  BECAUSE THEY KNOW — THEIR LIVES ARE AT STAKE HERE.  Literally.


So — Knowing full well what’s afoot and how everyone else at the table will play — ROBERT MUELLER will drop the next batch of indictments — with a SHITLOAD of supporting evidence to BACK IT ALL UP as a means to —


2) Lay out for the American People how FUCKING SERIOUS THIS SHIT IS,

3) Point out to the ‘legal geniuses’ in HIS OWN REPUBLICAN PARTY that THIS IS CRIMINAL.  It’s real.  And any motherfucker who gets in his way — AS IN OBSTRUCTS JUSTICE — is going down too.  COUNT ON IT, and —

4)  Point out to Donald Trump and everyone in his immediate entourage that they are finished.  Their lives are finished.  There will be no escape — not legally.  And anyone not their lawyers who protects them — OR TRIES TO — will suffer the exact same terrible fate.

Now — if you’re asking will Donald take the message?  Hard to say.  But — after a certain point — once the full depth of their legal exposure — and Mueller’s will to exploit every last bit of it — becomes clear to them?  They will think of their families.  Of their children and grandchildren who WILL suffer — albeit because THEY share a family name with a KNOWN TRAITOR.

That will take hold at some point — because this is the ONLY WAY this story can go.

Seriously — if I come at it from ROBERT MUELLER’S POINT OF VIEW — A man who has fought and nearly DIED for this country — would HE simply shrug his shoulders because Americans — inspired by Russia — don’t know just how deeply imperiled the country is?  Would THIS BRAVE MAN do nothing?

I don’t think so.  I think Robert Mueller marshals everything he’s got — every resource, every mind, every fellow soldier — and he takes a stand for the country we all love.

This story CAN ONLY END ONE WAY — in Donald Trump’s — and the REPUBLICAN PARTY’S defeat.  In both cases, it WILL be fatal.



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