A Moment of Truth Is Coming, Republicans, And You Can’t Stop It.

There’s going to be a Moment of Truth — when Robert Mueller finishes the first phase of his work and we know — in all its spectacular, historical awfulness — the full scope of what Russia & Donald Trump & the republican Party have done to us.

No doubt there’ll be a few who insist on denying  it no matter what.  They have no place in our collective future.  I don’t know what to do with them at present (but give us a few minutes to remind ourselves what obstinate assholes they are — I’m sure we’ll come up with something appropriate…).

But ya just know that when the Moment of Truth happens — and the words ‘Uh Oh’ flash across republican minds —  the ‘negotiating’ will begin.

Republicans are gonna be all like, ‘Dude, we had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER that the shit was so deep.  Trump lied to us, man — he fuckin’ lied all the time!  How were we to know?”

And we’re gonna be all like, “Sorry, Dude — but we’re pretty sure YOU lied the whole time, too.”

And the republicans are gonna stand there with their mouth all open and their eyes wide like — “Dude?  Me?  We’re like ‘friends’ and stuff!  I would never do that to you!”

Except this time we aren’t buying it.  At all.  And we’re going to look our republican friends in the eye and tell them firmly and clearly:  “You know what you did.  We all know.  And the time has come for you to pay for it.  And you WILL pay — in ways that make it clear that anyone who even ‘thinks’ about doing anything remotely like this ever again — is going to pay with their freedom, their economic lives and the economic lives of their families for generations to come. Cos, DUDE?  We’re THAT serious.”

And ya just know – ‘Mean Girls’ that they are at heart — the republicans are gonna call US out — for being MEAN to THEM.

Except this time we’re gonna stare back at them.  “Yeah,” we’ll say, “We ARE bein’ mean to ya — cos ya DESERVE it.”



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