Think ‘President Pelosi’ Is Impossible? The GOP Is ‘Trying’ To Make It Happen…

Nancy Pelosi

I tweeted about this over the summer.  I was visiting family and a niece — very clever young lady who’s on her way to great, great things — put forward this idea — that there could very easily be a President Pelosi without any extra-Constitutional gymnastics required.

When I laid out the path — and it’s not complicated — it caught a little bit of attention.  Even got a mention as ‘something out there on Twitter’ on MSNBC.

Me personally?  The idea tickles me.  The exquisite layering of ironies that would make such a thing happen would fit PERFECTLY with every other last bit of ‘You couldn’t write this and hope to get away with it’ plotting this absurd story has taken just to get here.

In the 6 month interim, not only has nothing changed to make the idea of President Pelosi unlikely, events have moved briskly in the direction OF a PRESIDENT PELOSI.

It’s almost like the republicans WANT a President Pelosi.  And here’s how they’re going to that happen (BY THE WAY — this assumes that come November 2018 Donald Trump is still POTUS — not a sure thing by a long shot) —

As we stand today, Mike Flynn  has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and has flipped.  George Popadopoulos has pleaded guilty and flipped.  Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been indicted.  Anyone who’s been paying attention knows exactly where this is going.

Meanwhile — in part because of ‘Russia’ — and all the other rapaciousness the republicans have been guilty of — and because gerrymandering has taken us to a point of critical mass where the majority realize the minority has seized control — and because WOMEN have suddenly thrown off the bonds of misogyny and begun to hold men accountable for their unacceptable behavior — A TSUNAMI OF PROGRESSIVE RAGE has already begun to sweep across this country.  Look at the down-ballot races — both the ones the Democrats are now winning — and the ones they’re losing but by margins far, far less than they used to be.

Even the dimmest of dim bulbs in the MSM can see THIS coming in the distance — Election 2018 will sweep the Democrats into power.

The House WILL flip  Even the Senate could go now…

Now — if the HOUSE flips to the Democrats — Paul Ryan is no longer Speaker of the House — Nancy Pelosi (as of today) would return to being Speaker of the House.

And being in the majority now, Speaker Pelosi would initiate impeachment proceedings against both President Donald Trump AND Vice-President Mike Pence.  For cause.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of cause.

And because the Senate has flipped — or because the few unscathed republicans know they must act with Integrity now — conviction in the Senate will happen — which means ‘good-bye’ to President Trump and VP Pence.


This lady —


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