Things Atheists Wish For (One In A Series)…

Sometimes I wish there really WAS an afterlife — just so I could SEE the look on the faces of the Extremely Religious when they ‘encountered the ‘afterlife’ and realized —

EVERYTHING THEY’D EVER BEEN TOLD — about what would be awaiting them at THEIR HOUR OF JUDGMENT was bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit.

Imagine the Roy Moore’s who twist scripture to fit their own twisted psyches — who discover at the Moment of Truth that there’s nothing:  just physical rot and the good (or bad) you did WHILE YOU WERE ALIVE to mark your presence.

Imagine the Suicide Bomber reaching paradise (having killed loads of innocents) only to discover that there is no paradise, no 72 virgins, no waiting arms, no nothing.  He or she’s been had — and a life that could have had meaning now had even less.

Imagine the Prosperity Gospel Preacher who believes that somehow Jesus was ONE of the money-changers (and WANTED each and every Christian to make it his or her duty to ‘do unto others before they do unto you’) discovering that he can’t take it with him — any of it — and that all he got for his efforts was a compromised soul and a legacy as a fraud.

Imagine the creationist who genuinely believes the Earth and the Universe and everything in it are a mere thousands of years old — just because a bunch of ignorant desert dwellers said so — learning that, in the words of the Firesign Theater:  “Everything (They) You Know Is Wrong”…

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