Of ALL The Reasons Lil Jeff Sessions Is a SHIT – This May Be The Biggest: Cannabis


Lil Jeff hates cannabis.  Hates everything about it.  But especially, Lil Jeff HATES the people who smoke it.  And you have to ask yourselves WHY…?

There are lots of things in this world deserving of a (little) man’s hate.  RACISM?  Well… actually, Lil Jeff doesn’t hate racism that much.  Actually, Lil Jeff doesn’t mind a lil’ teeny bit of racism now and again…

How about SEXISM?  Well — Jeff sure will tell you he hates sexism but does he ‘hate it’ when it comes to his life?  Well… Lil Jeff is what we call ‘a tolerant man’ — in that, if we’re talking sexism and treating women like shit (Miss Abbie, his beloved mother and Miss Mary, his beloved wife aside) — Lil Jeff can ‘tolerate’ quite a lot of what his fellow men will do before feeling compelled to ‘break the bro code’ and say something.

When you’re an odd little fellah like Little Jeff?  It’s all ya can do to GET into the cool kids club to begin with.  You’ll do whatever you have to to stay there.

So — what DOES Lil Jeff have against cannabis — what has Lil Jeff written on the subject to persuade the American public — 64% of which NOW SUPPORTS THE FULL ON LEGALIZATION OF CANNABIS FOR RECREATIONAL USE?  What DATA has Lil Jeff drawn on to MAKE HIS CASE that not only is cannabis bad for one’s personal health, it’s bad for the very moral fiber of American Society?

That particular cupboard, it turns out — pretty barren.  Not even a dead moth to keep the emptiness company…

Actually?  The growing mountain of data paints a generally positive picture of cannabis — and its actual medicinal properties.  Is cannabis 100% safe?

Fuck no… But then, ever watch (or listen to) an ad for ANY BIG PHARMA PRODUCT?  Half the ad is all the HORRIBLE THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU if you take that LEGAL drug.  The word ‘death’ appears on a regular basis.  And that’s not the worst thing that could happen…

No — safety is never really the issue.  Something else disturbs Lil Jeff about cannabis… Could it be that taking cannabis is ‘IMMORAL’ as Lil Jeff has intimated?

Gosh — what does cannabis to to the body that MAKES it so ‘immortal’.  Biochemically?  As I understand it — and my work is there to be ‘checked’ — Cannabis’ two main chemical compounds are CBD and THC.

CBD tends to show up in smaller quantities in most cannabis strains — it’s an analgesic (like ibuprofen) but in high quantities in strains like AC/DC.  THC is psychoactive.  It’s the feature attraction for most people.  But what the THC does to your brain depends on a few of the other chemicals — mostly turpenes — that also make up the cannabis experience.

What THC does above all is allow your brain to process more information.  If you think of the synapses in your brain as being like circuits (either open — and able to receive incoming signals) or closed (and NOT able to receive incoming signals).  THC causes more of the synapses in your brain to be open — to receive and experience more of the information you’re already receiving (but it’s too much for your brain to process — a very normal human experience).  Consequently, you see more, hear more, taste more and, sometimes, even feel more.

It ain’t stuff you’re making up (unless you’re actively hallucinating).  It’s just stuff you’re able to see on your radar and process.

All cannabis brings with it a feeling of well-being, of contentment and inner peace.  Some, INDICAS, also make the user relaxed to the point of feeling sleepy.  I use strains like Kosher Kush, Grandaddy Purple, LA Confidential, Face Off, Northern Lights & Skywalker for sleep — and the quality of the sleep is almost uniformly excellent.

A whole other group of cannabis strains — SATIVAS — have a very different impact on the mind and body.  Strains like DURBAN POISON and LAMBS BREAD and JACK THE RIPPER and FRUIT PUNCH bring not just that feeling of euphoria but focus and mental energy too.  They make work a real pleasure; the ideas flow magnificently…

And then there are HYBRIDS — clever, curious, intriguing combinations of Sativas with Inidicas, Sativas with Sativas and other Hybrids with everything else.  BLUE DREAM (and SUPER BLUE DREAM), DUTCH TREAT, WHITE WIDOW and TRAINWRECK — which also are good for work — but also for winding down (BRUCE BANNER & HEADBAND) and getting from work head into social head.

The research — while it does point to areas of concern for SOME people — those prone to schizophrenia and related mental issues — otherwise?  Virtually all of cannabis’ effects on the human body are neutral toward positive.  In some cases (chemo patients, tremors sufferers) they’re positive in the extreme.

Even the one legal area where cannabis users can still get stopped — indulging and driving — needs to be re-thought right now.  According to an article published in the WaPo —


Two recent studies found that using cannabis caused either a small (3%) increase in car accidents or none.  And the studies did not distinguish in any way WHAT KIND of cannabis was being used in any of these situations — indica, sativa or hybrid — something which needs to be fixed going forward).

So — if Lil Jeff were to actually try to rely upon good, reputable publicly available research — he’d be first in line to see cannabis legalized everywhere.

And yet he’s not…

I cannot prove this — my theory — but, based on a year and a half of watching this horrible little man do horrible little things to our country — THIS is my guess as to what the fuck is going on here:  Lil Jeff associates marijuana smoking with black people.  And Mexicans.  It’s not what good little Christians — like Lil Jeff — ever even think of.  Bottom Line for Lil Jeff:  Marijuana is evil because black people do it.

And that’s all you need to know.

Remember that photo of a young Barry Obama hitting on a doobie?  I betcha a soft drink of your choice — Lil Jeff has never gotten it out of his head…

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