We Need More MOLLIES!

I tweeted about this the other day — the GE commercial that runs a lot on MSNBC — featuring the character Molly.

If you haven’t seen the spot, you owe it to yourself.  Yes, yes, it’s an ad.  But it is exquisitely produced, PERFECTLY cast, shot and editied with absolute storytelling Mastery.

It is subtle but clear and sweeps you up into the very nature of who and what MOLLY is — this industrious SMART GIRL whose brain is forever problem-solving.  She’s never seeking approval — she’s seeking a solution to a problem… or several at one time.

And the very last beat is sublime.

The grown up version of Molly now works for GE (with robotics) — and she’s a self-possessed problem-solver who knows every last bit of her own value.

I literally get weepy every time I see it because… well – watch it for yourself if you haven’t.  Thenn you can laugh at me.  The ‘regular’ version of the spot is here (though I may not get you back if you go… I tend to watch it several times once the tune underneath gets into my head) —


There’s also a longer version, not meant for broadcast (with a small sub-story about Girl Scout Cookies) —


Having loved more than a few ‘Mollies’ in my lifetime — as family, friends & coworkers, I KNOW we still don’t have enough Mollies yet.

Mollies will solve our problems — because that’s what MOLLIES do.

I couldn’t think of a better fate for us — than to be ‘over-run’ by Mollies.

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