When Theists Talk About ‘God’ Are They Talking About Themselves?

Things ‘confused’ atheists wonder…

The more I listen to America’s Most Theistic Theists wrangle with each other — in competition, mind you with Theistic Theists from other ‘flavors’ of Theism — the more I get a queasy feeling — about these and, maybe, a LOT of theists (as I begin to think about THEM now)…

If you ask ten theists what ‘god’ is, you will get ten different answers.  That’s not a coincidence.

Every theist gets to decide what ‘god’ is.

They decide which of ‘god’s’ ‘rules’  they want to follow or ignore (because, in THEIR human judgment — vs the Divine Dictum) — it doeosn’t appply?)

They decide WHEN  to confess’ to WHAT sins — having already made ‘adjustments’ to what ‘sins’ are to accommodate their own ‘peccadilloes’…

They speak for ‘god’ as if they PERSONALLY KNOW what this ‘god’ character was and is thinking AT ALL TIMES.

Their DEAD CERTAINTY about these things is so strong that you can’t help feeling that it’s less the ‘god’ charactere they defend when arguing for theism as it is some ‘overly-valued’ piece of themselves.

Because that’s really what it gets down to. The Bottom-est-Bottom Line where Theistic Religion is concerned.

Most Theists see a big piece of themselves in that ‘god’ character.  In fact, they see themselves as IT.

Let’s call it their ‘God-Piece’ (instead of their ‘cod-piece’).

A giant, protective covering — designed to protect ‘the family jewels’ from the good hard kicking they so richly deserve…


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