It’s Called ‘Strategic Retreat’, Stupid

From the moment that Donald Trump ‘took’ office (that word having a lot more ‘bite’ to it now), we’ve been subjected to the MSM’s constant droning about ‘What Are The Democrats Doing To Be Not Just ‘The Anti-Trump Party?’  As if playing constant defense — for the sake of the Republic — was some part-time gig the Democrats were doing to pay for a hit or two of Top Shelf Botox.

Fer fuck’s sake!  If not for the Democrats in the Senate standing up for ObamaCare, it would be gone already (no fucking thanks to the goddamned MSM).  Never mind being crippled by republican intransigence — and, yes, obstructionism — for the past 8 years (because Mitch McConnell promised his Money a one-term-Black-Guy-President), the Democrats have, if you really look at it, done a helluvalot with a helluvalittle.

There is literally nothing DIRECT the Democrats in Congress can do to stop what the republicans & Donald Trump are doing.  They have to use parliamentary slight of hand and every delaying tactic they can to hold the republicans at bay while…

There’s this well-known MILITARY MANEUVER.  It’s actually worked a couple of times through recorded history.  It’s called (one variation anyway): ‘A Strategic Retreat’.

From the point of view of the force about to retreat, you see that your position on the battlefield is untenable.  Stay there, destruction is certain.  To just retreat — and show the enemy your back — probably catastrophic; and once a rout is on — all hell can break loose.  So you don’t want a real or FULL Retreat — you want a ‘managed’ one… One with a goal — to lure the enemy into a growing trap — extending themselves too far as they follow your strategic retreat — until the trap gets sprung and you come at your now over-extended enemy from all sorts of unexpected — and undefensible — directions.

It’s kind of a longshot strategy but it can and has worked.  You can look it up.

THAT, I think, is what The Congressional Democrats have pulled off — to keep most of the terrible Trump agenda at bay while Mr Mueller gets closer and closer to indicting enough people that at least THAT awakens the public consciousness enough to make any further attempt to bring Trumpism more fully to living, breathing, monstrous life an absolute IMPOSSIBILITY.

Mr Mueller already has two scalps on his belt (Flynn’s & Popadoupalosos’) and a few more ready to be hung (Manafort’s & Gates’).  If Flynn has flipped already (he has) then we are probably seeing Mueller add as much dead certainty to his case as possible.  He’ll need it to try and mollify the 30% (Trump supporters) who might NEVER accept the Truth about their ‘hero’.

The trap is set — and Trump and the republicans keep advancing toward their prize.  Even if they ‘get it into their mouths’ — though damaged — our Democracy can be fixed and made better than new.

It would help us all to get there just a teeny bit faster if the MSM would stop harping on idiotic memes (What ‘aren’t’ the Democrats doing) and harp, instead, on something more along the lines of “WHAT HAVE THE REPUBLICANS ACTUALLY BEEN DOING this whole bloody time?”

Considering the forces arrayed against Hillary Clinton & the Democrats — they did incredibly.  Now let’s hand them all the vindication they deserve — that a man as vile as Donald Trump — and a party as cravenly corrupt as the GOP — DID NOT receive the support of the majority of the American People.

That simply did not happen.

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