Is the MSM ‘Emotionally’ Incapable of ‘Going’ Where This Story Is Going?

When I think back on the past year — and hooooooow looooooooong it took the MSM to get from ‘Russia? What You Talking ‘Bout?’ to ‘Russia Could Really Be A Thing’ — I grow weary.  But, as the MSM slowly drags its credulous carcass toward where Mr Mueller STARTED (taking over Mr Comey’s FBI investigation) — it becomes clear EVEN NOW — with the ending emerging distinctly from the fog — that Most of the MSM simply cannot get their MINDS around what actually happened here.

Here’s a strange idiosyncrasy I’ve noticed in our MSM — see if it rings a bell:   The MSM begins to see the Big Picture of Donald Trump, his family, their associates, the republican party and the whole group’s odd relationship with Russia.  They venture forth, tremulous, uncertain — and imagine ONE of the possible outcomes of this whole story:  Robert Mueller finds NOTHING.  And the whole painful story just evaporates.

And they all nod furiously — yeah, yeah — that could happen.  Of course it could.

But do they then consider a few of the other possibilities — perhaps a small bit of something — was Donald Trump lying about some THING he said?  Meanwhile — all of the other possibilities — ONE in particular — go un ‘wondered about’ (apparently).

Because there IS one that — and I don’t get this — the MSM simply refused to even entertain — as a Giant-Sized, ‘Advertised-Upfront-As-What-It-Is’ story about greed, money, corruption, craven cynicism and, bottom line — TREASON.

They never ever ever extrapolate THOSE possibilities live on the air to any sort of LOGICAL conclusion.  But ya get the distinct feeling they’ve taken it to the very extreme in their minds.  They KNOW where this is going.  They fear it because it is a meteorite gathering speed and gravity and momentum — and it’s coming right at them.

Donald Trump has been compromised by the Russians.  Because money.  Many of the republican party’s hierarchy (if not every last one of them) also has been compromised.

The Mercers — whose Cambridge Analytica helped move STOLEN DATA from one server to another and ultimately to Moscow — have been comrpromised.

This is a story about corruption going back generations — corruption not just of the wallet and pocketbook but of the soul.  But you cannot see it by staring only at the teeny-weeny details.

This story is a mosaic — but you have to see the mosaic for what it is in order to appreciate what any of the pieces mean.  The data says our MSM simply cannot do even that…

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