What Is It Exactly That Conservatives Want To Conserve?

I know what Progressives are progressing toward — more equality for as many people as possible.

More opportunities for as many people as possible.

More education for more people.

More health CARE (as opposed to ‘coverage’) for more people.

More Knowledge, more dialogue, more creativity, more everything to inspire every last one of us to be the very best person we can be while contributing the most we can to the Greater Good.

More Good for More People.  That’s Progress.

Okay, Conservatives — you’re up.  Progressives want to progress.  Conservatives obviously want to CONSERVE.

But WHAT exactly is it that conservatives are so determined to conserve?

Would that be the racism, bigotry, vile sexism, income inequality and oppression in our past that needs conserving?  Is it Climate Change DENIAL that needs to be conserved?

Would it be religious ignorance that needs conserving?

How about belief in shamanism vs modern medicine?

How about America’s role in the world — oh — that we DON’T want to conserve all of a sudden.  Sorry — my bad.

Certain things, it turns out — DON’T need conserving…

Got it.

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