The Face Of Evil


Happy Mitch

We tend to think of Evil as A pretty specific ‘brand’.  Rotten-to-the-core — that’s Evil.  Unspeakably cruel — also Evil.  Bond villains — Evil By Design.

Evil tends to get splashed across billboards. We don’t usually think of the words ‘Evil’ & ‘banal’ in the same sentence.  But, in the Pantheon of Evil — the Hitlers & Pol Pots & Stalins & Kim Family’s & Trumps are actually the exception.  Most Evil is more like your neighbor who shows up at all the PTA meetings — and seems to be a community-minded person — but who really always looks at the African American families and the Latino familes and the Jewish families with quiet but visceral hatred.

But it’s this kind of Banal Evil that’s the most insidious.  And because it courses below the surface of normality — while it becomes part of the architecture, it also begins to grow toward critical mass.  All it needs to get there is a little encouragement — another Evil component or event.  A Mitch McConnell for instance…

When the story of THIS gets written, Mitch McConnell will assume, perhaps, one of the prominent roles in what (may yet be) the demise of Our Great Nation.

And it’s not as if Mitch has some great iddological purpose he’s serving.  He’s not.  He serves money — and those who give it to him.  The Kochs, the Mercers, Russia.

What could be more evil than that?

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