The Pee Tape – My Guess At What We’ll See…

From the get-go in this story, the chimera of a ‘Pee Tape’ has floated in and out of the fog.  Certainly the possibility that such a tape could exist bothered Donald Trump to no end.

And our natural predeliction — just hearing the subject matter — is that such a tape would have a pisser and a pissee — and our speculation has all been about (should such a tape  exist) which one was Donald?

But something about that has always felt off.  Donald said he’s a ‘germaphobe’. Could be… But, what’s he go pussy-grabbing with then — a hook?  No — what’s off here is that Donald knows his base couldn’t care less if the tapes showed him pissing on some Russian hookers.  They’d probably even go along with Russian hookers pissing on him.

No… actual sex — no matter now seamy — ain’t what’s going on here…

And there’s always been another line of thought — one that knew a little more about what that tape REALLY was about…

And THAT line placed Donald Trump in a hotel room — THE SAME HOTEL ROOM BARACK OBAMA HAD SLEPT IN — with several Russian hookers — who proceeded to PEE ON THE BED THAT OBAMA HIMSELF HAD SLEPT IN.

While cameras rolled.

And — here’s where the storyteller slides in — DONALD TRUMP SAID THINGS while watching those hookers pee that he instantly regretted saying OUT LOUD the moment HE SAW THEM — PLAYED BACK ON VIDEO FOR HIM — by The Russians.

And here’s my  guess:  Among the words that Donald Trump used repeatedly while watching this sick, pathetic scene?  ‘THE N-WORD’.

I betcha a soft drink of your choice that Donald Trump brayed that word with the ease he’s used it his whole racist life.  This all comes down to an act SO DISRESPECTFUL — even Donald Trump knows — ‘That Won’t Play’.


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