Why Are FEMALE Dictators So Under-Represented?

With the tidal wave of True Sexual Equality sweeping across the political landscape, I wanted to make sure EVERY demographic got covered and felt represented.

And I bumped into something that just ‘shocked’ me.  Yeah, yeah, yeah – you got your Hitlers & your Mussolinis & your Pol Pots and your Stalins & your Amins and your Assads & your Putins – but where are the LADIES?

See what I’m saying?  Why are FEMALE DICTATORS so ‘under-represented’ in our imagination.  Indira Gandhi sorta kinda makes it to the fringes but… sorta kinda.

Imelda Marcos?  Not a dictator (just used a dictator to keep her shoe collection current).   Jiang Qing (the 4th Ms Mao)? Not kind to her political enemies but once Mao was gone, she was on borrowed time.  Not very ‘dictator-y’ (compared to the men on the list and we do not grade on a curve here).

Now, I COULD just take it that there ARE NO female dictators (like there was some ‘reason’ for that fact).  But, being male, I want to do this MY WAY – and INSIST that there MUST BE FEMALE DICTATORS — it’s just for me to find them and make them feel and appear special.

So — Here’s my PITCH:

‘Calling All Female Dictators’ — let ME tell your story — especially about the struggles of getting recognized for your contributions in such a Male-Dominated Field.  I’m even willing to work gratis (that is until we set something up somewhere — I may want to tell your incredible stories, all of you, but I’m not nuts).

So — I’ll just settle in here and stare at the comments section… waiting for alllllllllll those under-represented female dictators to come a-running…

I sure hope someone reaches out soon.  I have the attention span of a gnat…

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