The Kyslyak WH Meeting: Did Trump Give Away A Secret? Or Did the American & Israeli IC OUT HIM — As A Russian Espionage Asset?

I will claim a little credit here — for piping up with this just as it was happening…

In case you haven’t remembered — Just after Trump’s inauguration, he has a meeting — IN THE OVAL OFFICE — with Russian Ambassador Kyslyak and others (none of them American).  And we know — FROM RUSSIAN REPORTS — that Trump (in addition to saying loads of OTHER stupid and counter-productive things) SHARED WITH THE RUSSIANS a piece of intelligence.

We were told this:  Trump leaked the source of our HUMINT —  HOW we knew ISIS was planning to use laptops to get bombs onto planes to Kyslyak and the Russians — and that leak caused a terrible behind-the-scenes fracas complete with people running around, their hair actually on fire.

I don’t know about you but a lot of that just plain smells.  No — it stinks.  It doesn’t add up.  It does not pass the storyteller torture test.

Let’s go through the problems first — then we’ll go through what I think it actually all means about what actually happened…

  1. I
  2. As the piece in Vanity Fair reminds us — Israeli Intelligence knew (c’mon — EVERYONE KNEW — every other intelligence service in the world was coming to US with intel about Trump) that Donald Trump wasn’t just in bed with Putin, Trump had caught and was transmitting every venereal diease in the book plus a few that haven’t even been invented yet.  That’s how dirty EVERYONE knew Donald Trump was.  Israeli Intelligence — though it has failed in the past (look up Ashraf Marwan — Nassar’s son-in-law and Sadat’s 2nd in command who was an incredible Israeli spy asset… who they refused to believe going in to the Yom Kippur War — at considerable cost) they SURELY were smart enough to accept what every other Intel Agency did.  So — the PROBLEM:  WE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT A THIRD RATE SPY SHOP.  We’re talking THE MOSSAD.
  3. We are meant to buy that the piece of intel that Trump gave away — this ‘name’ — caused irreperable harm to not just the spy network the asset was part of but (the furor seemed to be selling)  the whole underpinning of everything this intel op was trying to do in the first place… Really?  That sounds serious.  And I remember there was still some concern about laptops and airplanes but… no other news stories broke through about how this awful, terrible, worst-of-its-kind intel breach had compromised intel or… did anything… Curious that… PROBLEM:  On the One Hand — INCREDIBLY VALUABLE BUT NOW RUINED INTEL ASSETT!!!  But on the other hand?  Ho-hum.  Not much water being rippled on the subject suddenly — Curious that…
  4. We are meant to believe that in the immediate aftermath of this incredible, horrible, deadly-dangerous spy fuck-up… that everything continued — just like normal — like nothing ever happened… PROBLEM:  THAT.

And that brings me to my point — What we witnessed – in the public viewing room — was a piece of cleverly played espionage one-upsmanship.  And the collective post-event HO-HUM vs a continuing OMG  — which everything leading up to the reveal was the direction THAT STORYLINE was heading — suggests strongly (to a storyteller) that the HO-HUM reaction speaks The Truth:  A secret had not been revealed — the Man Who Would GIVE AWAY The Secret Was Revealed.


And both American Intel and Israeli Intel KNEW HE WOULD when they TOLD TRUMP the info THAT VERY MORNING.

Here’s how I think it all played out…

The election happens.  The American IC feels not just burned but in mortal peril.  They’re both playing defense and looking for some way to play offense — SHOW Putin that they know everything — that they’re on to him and that it will be only a matter of time before they ‘unmask’ Trump.

But how?  And with what?  Then they find out — not much lead time but enough to come up with something — that Kyslyak plans to meet with Trump at the WH.

An idea comes to someone — A play — using a piece of solid intel (but not valuable intel), they’ll OUT TRUMP — proving to themselves and everyone else (Vladimir Putin included) that Trump is indeed a TRAITOR.

“There’s a piece of super valuable intel,” they tell Trump in his Daily Briefing.  They do everything they can to shine a spotlight on it.  They tell him it’s ultra ULTRA Top Secret.

Practically TELL HIM:  “Whatever ya do, Mister President, DON’T TELL THIS TO THE RUSSIANS”.

And what does Donald do?  He tells the Russians.  Of course… Just like American IC knew he would.  Then — they play the ‘WTF!’ card with tremendous (and well-deserved) righteous indignation.  The  American Media buys it all — cause that’s what they’re good at.  No one — NO ONE — is going to look anywhere beyond the surface.

“Guess what Dumbass Donald Trump Just Did,” the MSM crowed, “He Betrayed America’s IC.”  And the so valuable-the-whole-world-will-supposedly-end-because-of-this-betrayal intelligence that Trump gave away?  It’s nothing anyone in the world’s IC didn’t know two weeks ago.

Though no one but a few American IC people knew it — America had just won a small but significant victory.  They had just stuck it to Vladimir Putin — who surely knew what this moment really meant — not JUST that Donald Trump had BEHAVED like a TRAITOR but that America’s IC had the ‘goods’ to make the case and were back on the offensive and planning to take it to Vladimir Putin.

Nothing that has happened in the afetermath of that episode contradicts a single bit of the theory I just threw down.

Our IC has been looking to deliver Justice to Donald Trump from the get-go.

Only THEY really know the extent of what Putin – via Donald Trump and the republican Party — has done to us.  But, once Robert Mueller is done — and the Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth is revealed — we’ll all be in on ‘the secret’.


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