The Desire For A Moral High Ground Is Back

Why I’m feeling hopeful – now even more so:

Over the last 30 years, lots of battles have been fought for the Moral High Ground by ‘combatants’ unworthy of even battling for it — never mind actually standing atop it.

But there they’ve stood — republicans & democrats (to be fair).  But one side has, as a matter of habit, always CLAIMED to hold the ‘Moral High Ground’ as kind of ‘birthright’ — just like in one of those stories in that book almost none of them have actually read…

As we’ve seen — an awful lot of people who stick R’s next to their names have nothing but emptiness and hollow rage at the place where their ‘souls’ are supposed to be.  They honestly believe Jesus preached some sort of ‘Prosperity Gospel’ where ‘Do Unto Others’ has mutated into ‘Give-Me-Mine’ or ‘My-Penis-Can-Go-Anywhere-I-Want-It-To’.

It’s like the Money Changers took over the ‘Church’ but kept the ‘Jesus’ banner flying anyway to draw in the rubes.  And it worked.

Moral High Ground is Exactly like Integrity.  Ever meet anyone with only 99% of their Integrity intact?

Of course you haven’t.  Integrity is binary.  Is vs isn’t. No Middle Ground, only HIGH GROUND.

Ironically the people claiming to have been ‘holding it’ for most of the last 30 years – republicans  – have used it cynically as the rationale for brooking NO compromise whatsoever with Democrats (do I have this right, Mr Gingirch?).  They’ve sworn to be the ONES upholding The True Faith while ‘infidels’ barked at their heels.

Yet how many of their Moral Actions would make the very man they claim to revere – Jesus – sick with disgust?

You can stand atop the Moral High Ground as much as you like — if you ain’t actually MORAL though – your grip on that High Ground is far more tenuous than you think.

And because republicans don’t actually give a fuck about ‘Moral High Ground’ – it’s not as if they’ve been ‘tending to’ that ground.  On the contrary – the REPUBLICANS HAVE DELIBERATELY NEGLECTED THE MORAL HIGH GROUND.  I’d even say they planted things they knew would HARM that ground forever. And the Ground has begun to suffer as a result…

To push the real estate metaphor just a tiny bit more – the republicans have been squatters and it’s time to evict their immoral asses.

And if last Tuesday’s off-year was any indication?

It’s about to be the climax where Sauron gets overwhelmed as the Ring plunges into the fire of Mount Doom…

Funny… when you think of it?  The republicans standing atop The Moral High Ground? They do look a lot like orcs…

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