There’s A REASON The MSM Makes Us All Crazy – They’re US

I’m starting to see the MSM as that part of our collective brain where we ‘work things out’. Like a Giant ‘ID’ (in the Freudian sense) — Dodging one issue after another as they come flying at us from our over-heated Super-Ego.

An idea hits — ‘Did Donald Trump ‘Collude’ With Russia’?  Or — ‘Should We Start To Believe Women When They Cry Sexual Assault’? And the MSM begins to ‘wrestle’ with it, get their minds around it.

Take the way they spoke of Chris Steele’s work — ‘The Dossier’.  At first?  It was an impossibility.  They treated it like a bad fart in a packed minivan.

‘Unverified’ they called it (by whom, I always wondered — by them?  Big fucking deal.  What are they expecting here — for someone on Robert Mueller’s staff to trot over with some evidence for them to ‘peruse’ at their leisure?)  Meanwhile, of course, lots of verifications that Steele wasn’t some bloody hack were out here for EVERYONE with eyes or ears or a computer and an internet connection to see.

Hell, I remember a time when the mention of Russia in the same conversation as Election 2016 got lots of head shaking and tongue-clicking in response from the MSM.  Not so much these days, yeah?

But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt — what was happening was so monstrous, so unthinkable that… they couldn’t think that it was  happening and so ignored every single warning sign that it was happening while daily NORMALIZING behaviors we’re just beginning to realize ARE IN NO FUCKING WAY NORMAL.

But I digress…

The MSM, I now see, was just going through its process — figuring out how to do the complex gymnastics that will be involved to get from the FALSE NARRATIVE they’ve been peddling since the election (that Donald WON the election) to the REAL NARRATIVE that’s surely coming when Robert Mueller’s Investigation lands amonst us in full:  Donald Trump DID NOT WIN ELECTION 2016.  Hillary Clinton did — and the fact that we THOUGHT Trump did is because of Russian influence, Russian money and the full and KNOWING COMPLICITY of MOST IF NOT ALL of the WHOLE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

And  Donald Trump.

It’s a big idea to get one’s head around.  Lots of the MSM have been there for a while (we all know who THEY are and many of us sing their praises via social media).  Most of the rest will catch up.  Even Fox could get, oh, perhaps HALFWAY to where Shepard Smith is.

The Next Hard Idea the MSM will wrestle with is How To See & Report Sexual Misconduct Stories.

Right now we’re still in Chicken Little Sans Head mode — running around aimlessly at every sound and flash of light.

Everything gets painted with the same size brush.  Roy Moore’s HISTORY of DENIED paedophilia is being equated with (as far as we know) one series of poorly thought-out actions for which Senator Al Franken has already taken full and total ownership — to the satisfaction of his victim.

Those two are NOT equal.  Not even remotely.  If we treat them as if they ARE equal, we will watch a remarkable opportunity get lost in defensiveness and recrimination.  But the, that’s exactly what ‘some’ people want here.  We have to be aware of them — and (more importantly) wary.

That, too, is part of the learning curve here.

Ain’t gonna be easy.  As a culture, we’ve never been here — in the midst of a rapid paradigm shift away from a terrible, long-standing injustice to a (hopefully) far, far more just one.

And, as frustrating as they can be — the MSM, perhaps more than anyone (if they can be called that) — is where we get to see where our collective id sits on the subject.  They’re like a thermomenter permanently stuck under our tongue, perpetually taking our temperature.

Looks like we’re still incredibly confused — but working on it — hard.  I’m incredibly hopeful though.  America’s women are coming to the rescue.

My money’s on them steering us away from the rocks and back out to where the water is warm, nurturing and good for most everybody.

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