Why I’m An Atheist: Leaps Of Faith (and Logic)…

I know:  The whole notion of a deity demands first and foremost that ya make a ‘Huge Leap Of Faith’…

Okay — for shits n giggles — I’ll go along… I will ACCEPT Judeo-Chhrisitianity’s version of ‘How We Got here’.  Sight unseen.  But just to make sure I’m down with My New Shiny Faith, I’ll read the ‘Owner’s Manual’.

I’ll start by READING the texts you Theists say contain the ‘Received Wisdom’ of this deity fellow you seem so keen on (you DO seem pretty determined that this deity IS a ‘him’; is that on ‘his’ say-so or have you seen ‘his’ junk? I’m asking for a friend…).

Right, right.  I’ve bought in. Shhhhh!  Open the book.  Read, chuchum (as my father used to call me)…

‘In the beginning…’

Ummmmm… not to be difficult, but — Does anyone else see a massive contradiction?

If I am meant to BUY IN to the world’s Origin Story as represented in these texts – written thousands of years ago (BY MEN WHO DIDN’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THE PHYSICAL WORLD compared to what WE know now) – I would have to DENY what I KNOW in favor of… the ‘honest’ but very real IGNORANCE of Men who didn’t (and couldn’t) know what I know…

But I’m supposed to take THEIR uninformed version of events over my INFORMED version?

That seems really, really illogical…

Okay — my bad — I forgot to stop thinking and analyzing.  I guess that’s not how this ‘text’ of yours works.  I’m supposed to BUY IN.  Just– ‘buy’…

Seven literal days, is it? Light is ‘borne’ of Magic?  Ditto the planets and evertything in the whole vast universe?  And Adam & Eve – Literal Human History?

That presents a real problem (I’m just sayin’!) – if ya thiink about how ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE GOT HERE – if the starter kit is one man, one woman.  Where do THEIR next generation — their kids — go for MATES?

Don’t strain yourself.  Incest.  it’s the only answer.

Ugh… Gotta Stop… THINIKING…

Wait– what?  A Garden of Eden?  And– what now?  A talking snake?

The next thing you’ll tell me is THE WOMAN DID IT — Humanity is screwed cos the WOMAN MADE US BAD — and just to PROVE HOW BAD — there’ll be a FLOOD — to wipe out ALMOST EVERYTHING…


And I haven’t got past the first few chapters of THE VERY FIRST BOOK.

Why am I an atheist?  Why isn’t EVERYBODY?

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