Just a feeling — We, as a country, have lost all sense of balance.  And it’s balance (or a ‘perception’ of balance — perhaps not the same thing) — that’s essential to ‘doing’ what we ‘do’ as a country.  The middle ground has become untenable.

But what’s that a reflection of?  That people are becoming less and less reasonable?  Or is there one group that’s got reason as their foundation — and another — THE other — that does not?  In this environment you’d have to say the opposing forces here are EXTREME, COMPLETELY VISIBLE CORRUPTION and Reason.

And yet — we continue to have a conversation about this as if there was a conversation to be had.  The technical term for that is WHAT THE FUCK!

Ah, but of course!  How could we possibly see two diametrically opposite things as having EXACTLY the same value (all evidence to the contrary)?

Hello, MSM – and thank you for giving us False Equivalence — where even the stupidest Climate Denier got to stand SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER with REAL scientists.  And LOOK 50-50.

We endured 18 months of the MSM NORMALIZING behavior that couldn’t pass muster at a local school board.  We accepted OUTRIGHT LYING as normal, RACISM as normal, MYSOGYNY and MALE PREDATION as NORMAL.

And THAT’S what YOU were BALANCING against NORMAL.  So of course the ‘result’ feels all wonky — it’s off to the side of what should be.  Of what IS.  And we can all feel it.

Soomething here is out of fucking balance.


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