Humans are suposed to be good at seeing paterns.  It’s kinda how our brains are wired.  We see a group of ‘dots’ and we ‘connect’ them inside our minds.  Most of the time that connection solves a problem (something else our brains became ‘wired’ to deal with — solving problems).

Sometimes the patterns we see are entirely imagined — the constellations for instance.  Or religion.  Even if we don’t see the whole pattern, our brains are equipped to try and fill it all in — to give us (reliable or not) the fullest ‘picture’ we can get of a thing.

And then there’s GUNS — and our ability to see patterns suddenly goes completely berserk.  We LIVE inside a Holocaust of Gun Violence where the number of INNOCENT lives taken daily (for no reason other than so many ‘people’ use firearms to solve disputes) — should SICKEN US!

And yet… We can’t seem to draw out A PATTERN — of MEN (almost exclusively) using FIREARMS  to solve personal grudges — even though such a pattern was apparent EONS ago.

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