The Carter Page Conundrum


This guy — Carter Page — has really baffled people. Whatever else you think about him? One thing he’s NOT is a clueless ‘Gomer’.

That is the last thing Carter Page is. Take a good, hard look at the man — watch his eyes — a dumb, witless Gomer would be dead there — you’d see expressions of ‘Whaaaaaaa?’ each time he was genuinely taken aback by the terrible, dark crimes of which he is being accused.

And yet Carter nods and smiles and Aw-Shucks’ his way through a mine field of his own treachery — half Cheshire Cat, half Russian Spy, all ice-cold professional.

No other explanation adds up.

Think about it — If Carter Page is REALLY just this poor, dumb hick — where’s his family trying to pull his foolish ass back from self-immolation?  Where are his friends explaining that Carter’s not quite right in the head ever since…

Instead, Carter Page is on television.  Lawyer-less.  Flyiing right into the teeth of questions that, WERE HE A REAL RUBE, would destroy him because even a dumb rube KNOWS when he’s facing extreme legal peril.

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