The ‘Funny’ Thing About Integrity

Integrity — in its DNA — is either black or white.  There’s no middle ground with Integrity.  You either have it or you don’t.  Think about it — ever meet anyone with 99% of their Integrity intact?

Of course not.  Once you lose so much as a whisper of your Integrity?  It’s like losing a limb.  Unless you’re a crustacean — it ain’t coming back.

And while losing your integrity may not be a problem while actively losing it — a day will most assuredly come when you will wish you hadn’t busted a cap in your Integrity’s noggin.  You’ll have to vouch for yourself somehow — account for your whereabouts or motives.  You’ll have to swear that you’re telling the truth.  And no one (in their right mind) will believe you.  Because YOU have no Integrity.

See how that works?

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