While We’re On The Subject…

This Is What Comes From Magical Thinking

4 thoughts on “While We’re On The Subject…

    1. So long as we know that it’s magic — then magic is great. Storytelling relies on ‘magic’ so — yeah — I’d be completely useless and more of a burden on society than I already am if not for storytelling ‘magic’…

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    2. Agree – there are phenomena that I would describe as ‘magical’ (the aurora borealis for instance — that’s just a whole tub of incredible wow piled onto a perfectly crunchy piece of toast). I don’t have to not see its beauty for the bizarre science that causes it… there are naturally occuring events like that — the Universe doing the weirdest shit — where ‘magic’ touches upon the wonder and awe and lack of a vocabulary to describe the damned thing…

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